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The Art of Exhibition Management
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Rapid Exhibitions is exhibition management software designed for museums and galleries to plan temporary and touring exhibitions. Reports are developed and produced in Microsoft Word for easy editing.
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Manage the entire loans process, from the original request, via multiple object lists and certifiicates through to the thank you letters when the objects are returned. Monitor how the exhibition is progressing and produce all necessary reports.
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Rapid Exhibitions was first used by the Royal Academy of Art for the record-breaking 'Monet in the 20th Century'. It easily handles exhibitions with hundreds of objects and is in daily use by organisations across Europe and Scandinavia.

“The beauty of Rapid is its speed and simplicity. Easy to use, yet sophisticated. The only mystery is how we ever managed without it.”
Exhibitions Department, The Royal Academy of Arts

Status Tracking

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Status tracking of your loans - at any point you can see how many objects are agreed, how many are in dispute, etc.

Venue Management

Venue Management
Venue Management - each work of art can be individually assigned to any or all of the venues that the show is visiting.

Handy Tools

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A wealth of utilities to make your life easier. For example: convert between imperial and metric units; calculate valuations.

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